About our blueberry field

Nine years ago I applied for a RAFI grant to start a U-Pick blueberrry field.  I did my research, had the NC State Blueberry expert come out and look at the proposed field, took soil samples etc. I ordered the blueberries, and later found out that I did not get the grant. I decided to go forward, as I had already ordered the 2 year old plants.  For each plant, 7 gal of aged pine bark was worked into the soil. Over seven hundred plants were planted. I chose five rabbit eye varieites recommended for this area, Climax, Premier, Brightwell, Powderblue and Tifblue. Each has it own plant and fruit characteristics. 

 The size of the fruit is partially determined by the genetics but also influenced by the degree of pollination. Heavier pollination means more seeds created in the fruit which as they develop, result in more supportive tissue yielding a larger berry. There has always been a ''honey tree' at the back of the farmhouse (at least for the last 36 years) , so I can count on good pollination. The biggest challenge lately has been late spring freezes combined with a mild winter. The previous two years impacted our production. This year, promises to be a good year, with a 'bumper' crop!