Nearby Attractions

There are several attractions nearby that you  can add to your trip to our nursery to make an interesting and rewarding half-day or a full day adventure to beautiful North Durham County. Here are our suggestions: 


1. Hike on one of the Triangle Land Conservatory trails on Jock Road (2 miles from the nursery). There are seven trails - all well marked that range from .6 miles to several miles, choose from open grasslands to cathedral-like beech forest valleys. Dogs on leashes are welcome. Kiosks have maps of each trail.


2.Historic Stagville is a State Historic Site.  The center on Old Oxford Highway has limited hours on weekends but several of the historic buildings on nearby Jock Road can be visited anytime.


3. Cedar Creek Gallery - Creedmoor is about 15 min- 20 min. from the nursery and is worth visiting. The gallery has high-quality arts and crafts ranging from woven items, glass, pottery, and wood. Visiting artists have studios on the site. 


4. Thomas Sayre sculpture: Tiller - on the nursery property. 18 ft by 35 ft earth-form sculpture. You are welcome to take pictures or have a picnic nearby ( no climbing though).